Welcome to PupDB

Version 1.3.1 | Last update: Jun 12 2018

PupDB is a database of pupylated proteins and pupylation sites aiming to provide an easily accessible web service for the analysis of pupylated proteins. Hyperlinks to major protein, structure and annotation databases are provided for accessing related information. Four useful tools are constructed and integrated into PupDB to provide functions of browses, keyword searches, sequence similarity searches and interactive displays of protein structures.

Currently, PupDB contains 268 pupylated proteins with 311 known pupylation sites and 1123 candidate pupylated proteins.

This work is supported by National Science Council of Taiwan (NSC 101-2311-B-037-001-MY2) and Kaohsiung Medical University Research Foundation (KMU-Q110015 and KMU-ER-013).


Tung, C.-W. (2012) PupDB: a database of pupylated proteins, BMC Bioinformatics, 13, 40.